Saturday, August 23, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Ride - Saturday 8/30/2014



Saturday - August 30, 2014

Where would YOU like to go?

Let us know...

We'll make it YOUR ride!

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

TINA'S RIDE: August 16 - Cruise Cle Elum

Saturday, August 16, 2014


Rode over to Cle Elum WA

for the
18th Annual

With a stop off in North Bend for breakfast at

No - we didn't have any "Twin Peaks" cherry pie,
but we did have a great breakfast and terrific service!!!

Oh... and on the way home,
we did stop at

2014 Tina's Ride Attendees from Lt to Rt:
Arvel (Wild Bunch Co-founder), Robert, Joker & Gypsy
Sniper (Wild Bunch Co-founder), Tina, Mikel Ann & Scott

So a big
 to all that rode / drive / attended!

See you next year?

Until then -

"Pick a direction...
                                       and ride!"

~ Sniper ~

"Lil' Willy"
1954 Willys Aero Ace DeLuxe

Sunday, August 10, 2014



The Wild Bunch strongly encourages you to
promote and support your local rider groups and clubs
in serving our community.

Through our actions,
we can change the community's image of motorcyclists
build respect for our place in the community.


The Wild Bunch is a non-affiliated rider’s group, not a club.

Wild Bunch coordinated events are designated gang/club neutral.

Riders participating in Wild Bunch events must be licensed to operate their respective vehicles and observant of all applicable laws and regulations.

Riders participating in Wild Bunch coordinated events

do so at their own risk.

~ Sniper ~

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hell Yeah Hell's Canyon 2014; June 10-13

July 10 -13, 2014
Baker City, OR

HELL'S Canyon?

At the dam - 115 in the canyon!

Hell's Canyon 2014 - just outside Baker City OR,
is very appropriately named.
With temperatures ranging from the high 90's
(read that as "very high" 90's),
to well over 100 (think 115)...
it was a SCORCHER!

But, despite delays on I-90 heading down
(3 hour construction and accident delay)
and SR-410 coming back
(construction... and another 3 hour delay)
 the group (Joker, Gypsy, Sniper & the Mrs.)
made it there and back safely!

Joker and Gypsy on the road at HCMR!

So - for those that haven't heard, the Hell's Canyon Motorcycle Rally (HCMR) is an annual event held in Baker City, OR. People from all across the United State (and Canada too - a!) come to fry and bake in the unbearable sun. OK - I made that last part up. According to Joker, this was an unusually hot summer and the past 4 or five HCMR events (with the exception of one rain storm) have all had wonderfully pleasant summer weather. (Yup - 100+ this year! The year I just happen to bring the Mrs!)

One of our favorite Snapshot locations... Annie's Cafe!
Good food. Great service. Incredible people!
Rather than explain the whole concept of heading to Baker City to take an assortment of rides in and around the area, over the 4 or 5 days of the event, and spending time with an "interesting" assortment of riders of all types, I'll just let you follow any of the links I've embedded to the HCMR website. But suffice it to say that it's a blast touring along rides like "The Little Dragon" (188 corners in 14 miles) or the "Tamarack Trail" (53 miles of "peg grinding fun"). There's also the the "Lucky Hwy 7", Owyhee Dam, "The Devil’s Tail", Hell's Canyon Dam, and "Road Rash Pass"! The idea is that you tour each of these rides and get a pin for taking a snapshot of yourself at predefined locations along the routes.

Had a great time and got to spend time with friends.

Will we do it again next year?

We'll have to wait and see!

THE PINS! Whoooo Hoooo!

You have to "earn" the pins by riding the routes!

The routes are independent rides -
in some cases, with a couple dozen of your closest friends...
whom you've never met before!
The routes present you with scenery ranging from
scorching desert canyons to snow-covered mountains -
But the best part is just meeting up with friends -
old and new!

Monday, June 23, 2014

RECAP: Montana Trip 2014 & Children's Ride 2014

Highlights of the 2014 trip to

Lowest temperatures on record for the dates we were there...
think low 30's!

Highest rain fall on record for the days were were there...
3" in one day!

Latest snowfall on record!

Did I mention the "Road to the Sun" in Glacier National Park was washed out by rain the day after we were there?

And the State of Montana was doing there best to start road repairs early in the season, so a lot of pavement was stripped off - leaving an interesting array of mud, gravel and water-filled pot holes to greet our return journey!

There were some entertaining adventures,
and some amazing scenery to behold!

~ AND ~

If you were one of the handful that joined 
Ron (Joker) & Darlean (Gypsy)
Robert & Kathleen
& Sniper

Seattle Children's Hospital Ride 19
Sunday - June 29th...


 Despite the low turn-out,
we still managed to have a great ride,
and raised much needed funds for Seattle Children's Hospital.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Buffalo Soldiers: 2nd Annual Poker Run Benefiting WA's Kids / June 7, 2014

 WILD or MILD...
all that attended were greatly appreciated!
Another successful Buffalo Soldiers event!

Buffalo Soldiers
on your 2nd Annual
Washington Kid's Poker Run!

We'll see you again next year!

The 2nd Annual Poker Run was organized by the
For more information about the Buffalo Soldiers, visit

2nd Annual WSHS Poker Run
Benefiting the Field Trip Transportation Fund

What's the #1 reason why many of Washington's school children can't go on field trips? Is it the cost of admission? Nope. Actually, the cost of transportation is what often prevents our area's kids from getting to supplement their classroom experience with a visit to the Washington State History Museum, where they get to connect with their local history and shared past.

That's where YOU come in! Suit up, gas up your motorcycle, and come on down to the History Museum on Saturday, June 7. Ride in our 2nd Annual Poker Run to benefit our Field Trip Transportation Fund. This fund provides grants of up to $150 per school to assist with the cost of renting buses to bring kids to the History Museum. Last year, during our inaugural run, the event raised enough money to transport 700 kids here for field trips! Some of the kids who have visited us this school year had never stepped foot in a museum before.

Help us to increase those numbers and our impact on local kids. The ride begins at the History Museum in downtown Tacoma and makes four stops between here and the State Capital Museum in Olympia before ending at The Swiss Restaurant & Pub. Prizes are awarded for the best and worst hands. No pre-registration required...just show up the morning of the Run.

  • Saturday, June 7
  • $15 per rider or $20 for rider and passenger
  • Registration begins at 9:30am
  • First bikes out at 10am
  • Last bikes out at 11:30am
  • Last bikes return to The Swiss by 2:30pm
The 2nd Annual Poker Run is organized by the
Please share this email on your social media and with your members or customers.

~ Sniper ~

Saturday, May 31, 2014

End of Month Rides - May 31


Ready to hit the road... HARD!

Some went South...

A few went East...

A couple went West...

A few went North...

But all rode!

And what a day it was!!!
Gorgeous weather, great friends and lots of new adventures.

And along the way we made some new friends,
Met up with some old friends,
And encouraged a few new riders!!!


"Pick a direction...
and ride!"

~ Sniper ~

A couple of great kids!
(The next generation Wild Bunch?)